Reporting weaknesses in our IT systems

Our security team is committed to protecting our customers. As part of this commitment, we invite security researchers to help protect the Auxilium Group and its users by proactively identifying security vulnerabilities via our bug bounty program. We work hard every day to maintain and improve our systems and processes so that our customers can feel safe at all times. However, should you find a weakness in one of our IT systems, we would appreciate your help.


You can report any number of weaknesses in our IT systems. If you spot a weakness, please contact us as soon as possible. Examples are:

  • Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities (i.e. Stored, Reflected);
  • SQL Injection vulnerabilities;
  • Encryption weaknesses;
  • Remote Code Execution;
  • Authentication Bypass, Unauthorized data access;
  • XML External Entity;
  • S3 Bucket Upload;
  • Server-Side Request Forgery.

How to report a weakness

  • Provide your IP address in the bug report. This will be kept private for tracking your testing activities and to review the logs from our side.
  • You can report weaknesses to us by email: Please be sure to encrypt your message with this PGP key to prevent information from being intercepted by criminals. State concisely in your email what weakness(es) you have found. We will take action immediately.
  • Describe the found issue as explicit and detailed as possible and provide any evidence you might have. You can take into account that the notification will be received by specialists.
  • We will not accept only automated scanners output.
  • Particularly include the following in your e-mail:
    • Which vulnerability;
    • The steps you undertook;
    • The entire URL;
    • Objects (as filters or entry fields) possibly involved;
    • Screen shots are highly appreciated.

What will not be accepted

  • "Self" XSS;
  • HTTP Host Header XSS without working proof-of-concept;
  • Incomplete/Missing SPF/DKIM;
  • Social Engineering attacks;
  • Denial of Service attacks.

What we do with your report

A team of security experts will investigate your report and will contact you within two work days to discuss the weakness, how you found it and follow-up action.

Your privacy

We will only use your personal details to take action based on your report. We will not share your personal details with others without your express permission.

Observe the rules

If you discover a weakness and investigate it, you might perform actions that are punishable by law. If you observe the rules for reporting weaknesses in our IT systems, we will not report your offence to the authorities and will not submit a claim.


Take responsibility and act with extreme care and caution. When investigating the matter, only use methods or techniques that are necessary in order to find or demonstrate the weaknesses.

  • Secure your own systems as tightly as possible.
  • Do not use weaknesses you discover for purposes other than your own investigation.
  • Do not use social engineering to gain access to a system.
  • Do not install any back doors – not even to demonstrate the vulnerability of a system. Back doors will weaken the system’s security.
  • Do not alter or delete any information in the system. If you need to copy information for your investigation, never copy more than you need. If one record is sufficient, do not go any further.
  • Do not alter the system in any way.
  • Only infiltrate a system if absolutely necessary. If you do manage to infiltrate a system, do not share access with others.
  • Do not use brute force techniques, such as repeatedly entering passwords, to gain access to systems.

Frequently-asked questions

Will I receive a reward for my investigation?

Yes, you might receive a reward depending on the severity of the weaknesses you report. You are not necessarily entitled to compensation. The amount of the reward is not fixed in advance. The Auxilium Group determines the amount, based on the following:

  • The caution taken in your investigation
  • The quality of your report
  • The amount of potential damages prevented as a result of your report

Am I allowed to publicise the weaknesses I find and my investigation?

Never publicise weaknesses in our IT systems or your investigation without consulting us first. We can work together to prevent criminals from abusing your information. Consult with our security experts and give us time to solve the problem.

Can I report a weakness anonymously?

Yes, you can. You do not have to give us your name and contact details when you report a weakness. Please realise, however, that we will be unable to consult with you about follow-up measures, e.g. what we do about your report, further collaboration, giving you credit or a possible reward.


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